has worked as an artist since 1994,making stuffed toys,
accessories, books, and photographs featuring the work. She has
exhibited her work at galleries and also does character design in
collaboration with apparel brands.

Solo Exhibitions
1999 "DOLL WITH A HEART 1" GALLERY kitanagasa (Kobe)
2000 "DOLL WITH A HEART 2" GALLERY kitanagasa (Kobe)
    "fuwa fuwa" GALLERY expo (Wien Austria)
    "This feeling...fuwa fuwa" mountain mountain (Tokyo),
    mountain mountain sea (Kobe)
2001 "DOLL WITH A HEART 3" GALLERY kitanagasa (Kobe)
    "PATAPATA MINIBOOK 1 a little exhibition" PROGETTO (Tokyo),
    souvenir (Osaka),3et demi (Kobe)
    "WINK" GALLERY expo (Wien Austria)
2002 "little by little" chia khoa 3F (Kobe),HYSTERIC GLAMOUR (Osaka),HYSTERIC GLAMOUR (Tokyo)
    "PATAPATA NANA" chia khoa 3F (Kobe),oeuf GALLERY(Tokyo)
    "Wintry Fairyland" digmeout CAFE(Osaka)
2004 "DROP" UTRECHT FLO Gallery (Tokyo)
   "cocoa" chia khoa 3F (Kobe)
2005 "kurukuru" TRE (Tokyo), chia khoa 3F (Kobe)
    "roundabout" epaneto (Tokyo), Kitten Company (Kyoto)
2006"yummy" Galley Angelo (Kyoto)
   "chocolateeyed" Galley Angelo (Kyoto)
2007 "winter sleep" chia khoa 3F (Kobe)
   "Dans un jardin extraordinaire" Beau Travail (Paris France)
   "dreamy" HYSTERIC GLAMOUR (Tokyo),epaneto (Tokyo),chia khoa 3F (Kobe)
2008 "Plus" chia khoa 3F (Kobe)
   "Present" Aoyama House Studio (Tokyo), chia khoa 3F (Kobe)

Group Exhibitions
2003 "haregi de odekake"Trade mark Kyoto (Kyoto),oeuf GALLERY (Tokyo)
2005 "FASHION x CULTURE SESSION" ISETAN Shinjyuku Kihouku (Tokyo)